13.03.2014 Diary of the Expedition

    Dear Friends, Colleagues and everybody who followed the course of the events and sincerely wished us success!
    We apologize for such a long silence.
    Your battery of calls and letters to our address tells us that the future of our project worries not only the expeditionists, their family members and close ones, but also a very many non-indifferent people, who needn’t be explained why people climb the mountains, go for rafting, descend into the caves, try to reach the Poles of the Earth.
Thank you very much!

Let’s give a brief overview.  Well then, near Vankor we made a decision to terminate...

Winches from “Master-Winch” didn’t fail us

The winches and other equipment delivered to “Polar Ring - 2014” Expedition by Compal Company proved to be indispensable in the current situation. Cooperation between “Master-Winch” representative office and Expedition Center “Arctica” has a long-standing history. This time again during preparation of the off-roaders for the transarctic passage we used the automobile electric winches Master-Winch 9500. These winches E- and X-series were developed for the severest and hardest operation conditions. Other equipment: reliable and time proved Master-Winch WS 9500 winches, winches for ATV X 3500, Farm-Jack rack jacks, four-ton hand-winches, wire ropes, amplifier units, shackles and spare parts for winches (engines, solenoid assemblies, integrated control units).    


22.02.2014 Diary of the Expedition

A satellite link with expedition shop provides satellite communication "Satellite-Telecom"

 Another “travelling” day passed. We managed to “reanimate” two axles of the first off-roader. The situation with the second one is much more complicated. The engine cannot be replaced; it drives only in the first gear. We are forced to make a hard decision: to terminate the expedition in order to save our off-roaders and not to lose them somewhere in Taymyr.  We could not even talk about going out on ice using such vehicles. We will change and replace everything from engine to suspension mount by ourselves. That’s agreed! Now we are going to sleep. Tomorrow we’re going to drive back...

21.02.2014 Diary of the Expedition

We have crossed the Taz River, now we are moving towards Vankor. At night the temperature falls to -50°C.  The road is perfect, but our off-roaders keep surprising us. One vehicle gives certain signs that its engine comes to the last motor capacity – it barely drives at the first gear. The second vehicle has a trouble with a speed-reducing gear, the reverse one leaks. We found there a handful of iron turnings, despite of oil changing before loading in Moscow. We had to deactivate one axle and kept going on two axles. On the second day the differential on the middle axle fell to pieces because of exceptional overload..

20.02.2014 Expedition Journal. Changes in the expedition team

  At the beginning of January we had to change the route team. By force of circumstances not connected with the expedition, the chief mechanic and a development engineer of a new off-roader model Nikolay Nikulshin had to drop out of the expedition.  His work related to completion of vehicles assembly was picked up by new members of the expedition: Oleg Harchenko and Aleksey Isaev. They had to complete the hard work on vehicles assembling, preparation for transportation, kitting of SPTA (spare parts tools and accessories) and enter into peculiarities of the design. We are happy to introduce you Oleg Harchenko and Aleksey Isaev...


Late night yesterday we reached the ‘zero’ km of the Vancor winter road (a winter road that belongs to ‘Rosneft’, a Russian state oil company, and provides access to the oil fields on Yamal peninsula). After completing the clearance with the road security we decided to make a stop for a dinner and a short sleep. We noticed that the temperature falls down to -40°C and at the same time the wind gets stringer – it’s not nice. The decision was to start tomorrow morning at 7 am. Before sliding into our sleeping bags we had a photo session – one of our photographer Andrej Kuprin projects is to take portrait...

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